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What Is Faith?

The Bible tells us that everyone is born with a measure of faith, and faith is a free gift from God. What this means is that no matter who you are, you were born with faith. Some people have more faith than others, but nevertheless, we each have been given a measure of faith...

The Creation

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth...” This one sentence has caused great controversy among scholars, scientists, Christians and religious leaders around the world. It is the Biblical account of how God created the earth and the universe...

Who Is God?

Many people read the Bible in search for the answer to the question, "Who is God?" But they are unable to accurately answer the question because they do not understand what they read. They try to arrive at a meaningful conclusion with their natural minds, but the Bible tells us up front...

Renew Your Mind

A renewed mind will ultimately change your quality of life. But how do you renew your mind in the midst of confusion? Oftentimes God allows us to experience hardship so He can reach us in our vulnerability. In order to experience change, you must renew your mind...


With so many denominational churches in Christianity, there is a lot of confusion as to how one should worship God. Some argue about music, others about speaking in tongues. But worship is not about us. It has nothing to do with our preferences nor is it about the way we feel about the order of service...

Does God Really Exist?

Does God really exist

by Dorth Dunbar What Science Says About God Have you ever asked the question, “Does God exist?” The reality of the existence of God has baffled people of every religion and culture since the beginning of recorded history. Science is always looking for proof of Gods existence, but the existence of God cannot, nor will […]

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All Things Are Possible

All things are possible

by Dorth Dunbar Have you ever desperately needed something and no matter how hard you tried, it seemed as though you would never obtain the thing you desired? When you are faced with problems that appear to have no possible solution, be encouraged to know that all things are possible if you can only believe. […]

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Salvation Belongs to God

Salvation belongs to God

by Dorth Dunbar Salvation belongs to God an+d Christ’s deliverance is our salvation. When we take note of, or address a certain scripture that references abundant life, our view of abundant life is measured by our possessions rather than by our supply of abundant riches in all spiritual things provided by Christ at His resurrection.  […]

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The Love of God

The love of God

by Dorth Dunbar Why Does God Love Us? The Sovereign God of the universe lacks nothing to be complete. So what could prompt God to such love inconsistent, weak-minded, stubborn-willed, and ungrateful creatures like us? Our concept of love is always conditional. When we make the comparison between the unrestricted love of God and the […]

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